6th November 2016, 05:23
Does anyone know if it is possible to get either a solar powered or battery operated camera that records onto an S,D, card and is movement activated.

6th November 2016, 06:40
I don't know about in the U.K. but here in Canada and in the Excited States hunting/outfitter shops carry game cameras that are motion activated and record in very low light conditions using infra-red. They are intended for tracking and identifying various game animals and the trails they use.

There are also stores that sell security cameras that basically do the same thing, but in addition can be used via wifi with your computer, or other such hand held device.

Good luck in your search. (Wave)

6th November 2016, 14:01
Where do you intend using the camera.
If outdoors then this type seem to be popular.

18th November 2016, 06:21
Thank you so much, the one on Amazon is just what I want.