Can Anyone Identify this Uniform

J Waugh
9th March 2008, 16:30
I just looking to see if anyone can identiy this Uniform. I have found it among old family photos and no family members know who it is.

I have been told it could be a mercantile tug captain's cap badge.

Can anyone help.


K urgess
9th March 2008, 17:08
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, John.
I've copied your post to the Hello forum to give it a wider exposure.
I'm sure someone in the crew will come up with some answers.
Enjoy the voyage.

9th March 2008, 19:35
Welcome from Lancashire UK.

I hope you will enjoy the site. Good luck with your query - I am sure someone will help. Looks like it was taken turn of the 20th Century or possibly earlier judging by the clothing and pocket watch and "Albert".



10th March 2008, 06:49
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

10th March 2008, 12:21
Welcome JW to SN. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.