Residu (sank 1992) - image?

11th March 2008, 00:17
Hi I am looking for a photo (or other image) of the RESIDU which
sank 18-June-1992 in Liverpool Bay northwich for Drogheda.
She was built Appingedam 1964 (399tg) and named Twebro.

ian d.cameron
11th March 2008, 00:31
Hi cosmodiver, in the gallery

11th March 2008, 16:09
Thanks - this forum is efficient!

I am actually looking for images of other vessels lost in Liverpool Bay -
but they are much older so less likely to be readily available - I will post
them in a day or so

graham moore
22nd March 2008, 19:18
Hello Cosmodiver,
If you Google ' Residu Twebro ' and go to the second site that comes up - Kustvaartforum , and scroll down past the grounded barge, there are some photos of the actual sinking, plus some excellent shots inside her wheelhouse.
Cheers, Graham.

22nd March 2008, 19:48
I was on duty when the rescue of Residu's crew was co-ordinated by MRCC Holyhead.
We have a photograph of the vessel moments before she sank (taken from 22 Squadron RAF Valley's Wessex helicopter) on display in the MRCC.
The Master subsequently presented the MRCC with the ship's sextant to show his appreciation. (Thumb)

Pedro Barcos
9th March 2013, 22:22
if i remember correctly the Master was Peter Whitehouse, he had a small ex german fishing boat he lived on in Charlestown harbour cornwall.