Port Fairy

16th March 2008, 19:26
When I first decided to go to sea in 1963, I went for an interview with Port Line. I was interviewed by a nice lady who seemed to be running the whole show on her own.
I was offered the position of 3rd Electrician on the Port Fairy but chickened out when I found out that she had been built in 1928.
Later on when I did go to sea with P & O I was told that I was proberbly wrong in turning down the ship, because although she was old she was in good condition, and that Port Line were a good company to work for. I have always wondered if I made a mistake.

15th October 2008, 08:26
Hi Anubis. I had a couple of trips on the Port Fairy as a junior engineer, 1960/61.
They were a good company to sail with, good conditions and excellent food. The ship was old but well kept. A great crowd of blokes. Rob

bert thompson
15th October 2008, 08:45
Was sent by Marconi to join the Port Fairy in July 1954. Searching for my cabin the 2nd Mate told me not to be impressed with his cabin as that was former passenger acommodation . My tiny cabin was down aft with the wireless room opposite. Bathroom and toilets downstairs. There had been a fire and everything was extremely dirty. Being cocky after just coming from South Shields Marine School I refused to sail and joined the Laristan. Often been told that I missed the opportunity of a lifetime as the situation of my cabin would have ensured a ball on the Australian coast. We live and learn. Happy days

19th April 2009, 23:10
Hi Anubis,my 2 mates&I went from Leith pool 2 join the Shaw Savil,Afflic but decided 2back of when we seen the Blue Ensign fluttering from the stern.we went up 2 the local pool and the port fairy was all they had 2 offer back 2 the docks where we learned they only needed 3 QMs.and the voyage would be at least 12month only other choice back 2 Leith.We signed on.Sailed for Canada 5th Sept 1962 loaded up 4 great train engines as deck cargo for aukland the usual ports in NZ and of 2 the AussieCoast to load frozen lamb finally sailing for USA.arriving back in Glasgow 3rd Aug1963. a good trip but the QMs job was boring however I put it down to experience,but was glad to get back on deck my next trip Good hunting at SN Alex Macdonald.

john howells
29th August 2010, 11:40
HiAnudis sailed on port 5.8.55 25.2.56 this was the trip she caught fire we were towed to palermo for repairs sailed back to uk with gargo of roast lamb good feeder

john howells
29th August 2010, 11:46
HiAnudis I sailed on the portfairy 5 8 55 25 2 56 rhis was the trip she caught fire we where towed to palermo for repairs sailed back to the uk with gargo of roast lamb good feeder///

18th October 2011, 21:38
My last trip was on the Port Fairy which,as it happens,was her last trip too. We discharged in Glasgow (I think) and she was going to be scrapped at Birkenhead. This was in August 1963 and whilst she was an old girl, one somehow grew attached to her.
Great memories.