Santa Paula

19th May 2005, 21:41
Santa Paula entering The Cut, Curacao, circa 1970. It must have been one of it's last voyages before being laid up.
Built in 1958 by Newport News, U.S.A. Build No. 522. forGrace Lines Inc.
15,366 Gross tons, Length 584 ft. Beam 84 ft. Steam Turbine
Transferred to Prudential-Grace Lines in 1970.
Laid up 1971 U.S.A..
Sold 1972 to Oceanic Sun Line Special Shipping Co. renamed “Stella Polaris”
Sold 1978 and became a hotel ship in Kuwait
Caught Fire 1991, part salvaged as spares for sister ship, “Santa Rosa”
Scrapped in 1991.

Her almost identical sister ship, Santa Rosa, faired a bit better.
Sold in 1989 to Antonios LelakisRegency Cruise Line, Greece.
Towed to Greece 1990 for rebuilding as a cruise ship, renamed "Regent Rainbow".
Rebuild completed in 1992, an entirely different ship!
Taken over in 1995 by Louis Cruises (Thomson charter), re-named “Emerald”.
2000 Louis Cruise Lines, renamed “The Emerald”.

Does anyone have a picture of the "Regent Rainbow" or "The Emerald"?

20th May 2005, 01:57
Hi Dave,
Of the Grace Line ships:
The first Santa Rosa built 1917, sold to American Hawaiian Steamship Co. in 1925 and renamed "Oregonian". Sunk in 1942 by aerial torpedo whist on a Russian Convoy.
The second was buillt 1932, laid up 1958, sold to Typaldos Lines in 1961 and renamed "Athinai", laid up again 1967 and scrapped 1989.
The third Santa Rosa was the one mentioned below, built in 1958.

Could the one you refer to be the second one, It had two funnels,

Bob S
20th May 2005, 17:20
THE EMERALD in the Grand Harbour in Valletta, Malta during July 2000.
I have her history as:
Built SANTA ROSA (Grace Lines)
Renamed DIAMOND ISLAND in 1990 (Coral Cruise Line)
Renamed REGENT RAINBOW in 1992 (Regency Cruises)
Renamed THE EMERALD in 1996 (Louis Cruise Line)

20th May 2005, 20:46
Cheers Bob S
She certainly had a rebuilld in 1990, no wonder it took 2 years and $70,000,000.
The "Diamond Island" link has brought up another rename, to "Samos Sky" in 1976 but no Shipping Line.
The plot thickens.

4th May 2006, 12:02
It's not quite true that the Santa Paula was scrapped in 1991. I saw her in Kuwait on June 17, 1997 burnt out.

Not sure what's happened since - perhaps Google Earth might show her in port still?


Bruce Carson
4th May 2006, 13:17
Steve, there are a series of pictures on the Simplon site:

Bruce C.

15th December 2006, 19:02
Hi all,

I can concur with Steve that Santa Paula did indeed serve as the Marriott hotelship in Kuwait. She was renamed the Ramada al Salaam Hotel in 1989 just before being set ablaze by Iraqi forces a year later.

I saw the wreck around the same time as Steve, from '95-'97, and took several photos. On one occasion I even ventured onto the vessel, but I soon realised I was taking quite a gamble and backed out. At least I can now proudly claim I've been aboard the Santa Paula! :) I haven't been to Kuwait since; anyone know what became of her?

I've attached one of the photos I took. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll scan a few more.


16th December 2006, 09:31
The second was buillt 1932, laid up 1958, sold to Typaldos Lines in 1961 and renamed "Athinai", laid up again 1967 and scrapped 1989.

The old Athinia also achieved her fame when she starred in the movie "Raise the Titanic" as the Titanic. I Have a sneaky suspicion she went to the breakers with "Titanic" still painted on her bows. I have a small webpage about her at

Roland, I would love to see those pics of the Kuwaiti Santa Paula.

20th December 2006, 14:12
Hi Reklaw,

I already came across your website (which is *great*, btw) during a web search for the Santa Paula.

I've scanned and attached the other photos I took of in '95. These were taken in the late afternoon, hence the golden colours -- kinda becomes the rust, doesn't it? :) Feel free to use the pix for your website. Let me know if you need higher res scans.


20th December 2006, 14:23
Hi again,

here's another 2 shots from the starboard side, where the hotel entrance used to be. One is a shot I took in '97, the other is a postcard of the Kuwait Marriott as it once was.

I have a few others on slide film, including a some I took with a wide angle lens. A particularly poignant shot shows a detail of the stern where a grenade impacted. Too bad I still don't have a slide scanner. If/when I finally get one (god knows when), I'll post those too.


25th December 2006, 17:00
Thanks for the pics Roland, I will take you up on your offer. I must just go do some digging and get those pics up. I have an Epson 1670 scanner which can do slides reasonably well (although not as well as it should), I am sure there are a lot of models that can do slides as well nowadays. I did ponder about how viable it was to take a digital pic of a projected slide but never tried it as I dont have a long enough area to get a decent sized image in the first place.

26th December 2006, 01:22
Seasons Greetings from sunny Oz.
Thought that this might be of interest.
A cruise wholesaler down here is marketing this 49 yo 3 star veteran as " A quality cruise experience without the expensive price tag...39 nights from Aus$6295.OO + Airfares, Sailing 03/11/2007 from ROME to Sydney.
Excuse me!!, ROME!!, when I last looked in my Atlas Rome was about 40k from the sea up a narrow, winding and shallow river.
Some of these characters must think we are all mugs.
I don't think Fred H would approve.
David D.(K)

26th December 2006, 04:12
Hi Reklaw,

I've posted some *slightly* higher res pics in the gallery -- they were automatically reduced when posting due to space constraints. Like I said, I can send you the original scans, which are ca. 1200^2.

Some of the slides (as the prints I posted here) are medium format (6x6cm), taken with my trusty Rolleiflex TLR. As you said, many scanners can do slides these days, but only the high-end professional ones can handle medium format film, and these are insanely expensive!

As you mentioned, I may try to simply snap the projected slide with my (crappy) digicam and see if anything useable comes out, but I seriously doubt it. Failing that, I might have to try some scanning service.

Happy holidays!


4th January 2007, 22:30
Howdy and a happy new year!

I snapped one of the projected slides I mentioned and posted it in the gallery:

The quality sucks as expected, but you can't overlook the damage...