Lykes Inc

22nd March 2008, 21:17
JAMES LYKES on sea trials: Ingall built Pascagoula 1960-Lg. 72 part. CC-BU Alang 28-2-95.

jerome morris
15th May 2009, 17:50
Tanker, I'm almost finished with a ship model of her/him. Should be able to post some pic's next week.

15th May 2009, 18:29
Hi Tanker,

I loaded this ship several times in Africa as the Lykles lines cargo super, She was extended in 1973 (i think) with the addition of a container hatch (number 4) just in front of the accomodation. If memory serves me right she was the last of the pacer class vessels to be scapped in the early 90's and was over 30 years old.


28th December 2009, 06:21
Tanker, I'm almost finished with a ship model of her/him. Should be able to post some pic's next week.

Saw 'Old Glory' in your heading so perhaps you may be able to help.
During 1964, or 1065, can't quite remember which year, I was in the 'Marabank', (Bank Line) and heading into Harmony Street wharf in New Orleans.
Passing close to the Algiers shore where, at that time, Todd Shiprepairers had their yard, one of the floating dry-docks was upside down. The aftermath of yet another of the 'Big Easy's notable events, a hurricane.
I was told that a Lykes Lines ship had been in the dock ready to float out when the hurricane struck.
Apparently the ship provided sufficient 'windage' to force the dock over and fortunately the ship floated free, to be rescued by tugs,
Do you, or does anybody else, know of this incident and the name of the ship involved. It certainly must have been pretty scary on the ship, to say the least.

David Wilcockson
28th December 2009, 08:33
Around 1979 going up river to Destrehan to load grain, from carrying out engine repairs at New Orleans, we passed a Lykes Clipper class half submerged on the starboard hand of the river & the reason given by the pilot for her fate was once again hurricane type weather. Can anyone recall her name or the incident?

Jim Sutton
3rd May 2010, 01:48
When hurricane Betsy struck New Orleans in September 1965, There were several Lykes ships at Avondale Shipyards in various stages of completion. The GENEVIEVE LYKES and LETITIA LYKES were essentially complete,only awaiting some minor details,one of which was the welding up of some interior plating which had been left incomplete for ease of access by the yardbirds. Betsy scattered the ships hither and yon most of them ending up aground on the levees. These two ships received hull damage,either from colliding with each other or colliding with the many barges and numerous other vessels that were adrift at the time and eventually sank,the LETITIA on the bottom. the GENEVIEVE on top of the LETITIA. The ships were written off and two replacements were ordered and built entering service in 1968. Salvage attempts were made and at one point the bow of the GENEVIEVE was almost pointing straight up. (An awesome sight to this then 7 year old!!!) The river rose, the currents increased, and she slipped back into the river. The two vessels still are there just a few miles up river from the New Orleans airport. I don't know if they appear when the river reaches very low levels.