Documents and magazines

23rd May 2005, 12:00
Well Mr. Ron I have received all your recent emails and attachments and had a bit of a browse through them. I was going to send this by private message but seeing that I landed you with the tag of "image police" I thought I would do the right thing and make my appreciation public.

I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that 99% went right over my head and into the net, BUT it is the sort of information that I personally would keep tucked away on file and refer to as and when needed, and I will try some of the excercises over the next few weeks. I am just grateful that in the mean time the image police are able to detect and fix all my dud images until I can raise my skill level.

Seriously Ron it is great stuff and I am most grateful for you sharing it with me as I'm sure are the rest of the shipnostalgianeers community.