Memories of a Ben Line Man

14th December 2016, 17:37
Hello All Blue Flu Men
Last year at this time I self-published a book recounting my time at sea as a cadet/deck officer with the Ben Line in the 50s/60s-the golden era of British shipping.
The book was well-received and was named as "Book of the Year" in Sea Breezes magazine whose editor is Captain Hamish Ross, one of your own, I think!
I hope you don't mind me intruding into your forum to tell you about the book which, of course, mentions Blue Funnel ships and our admiration for them, and the ports and places that we all called at.
The book can be ordered online at:
or ordered through Sea Breezes.
Good wishes
Stuart Edmond

15th December 2016, 14:26
Hi - Yes, I did come across Ed Clapperton, but only briefly. I think he was a relieving cadet on one of the coasting trips I did while awaiting a voyage ship. But I cant remember more, sorry.