Eastern City - Smiths of Cardiff

stan mayes
30th March 2008, 19:37
EASTERN CITY Smith's of Cardiff .
Are there any members who sailed in this ship or know of a collision between her and a large LST - Landing Ship Tank - in mid May 1946?
I was in a small troopship DUKE of YORK ex LMS ferry..We were on Tilbury Landing Stage embarking troops for Ostend.
EASTERN CITY passed us on her way up river and as she did an LST left the old locks at Tilbury and clearing the pier head she went full ahead and hard a'port with the intention of sailing down river..
With a strong flood tide catching her port bow she did not answer the helm and continued ahead at speed...Within minutes she was in collision with EASTERN CITY and it seemed she was trying to straddle her foredeck..
As the LST fell away she left one of her bow doors on the other ship.
EASTERN CITY continued up river and the LST was towed and beached on the foreshore at Grays..
LST's were built with 27 separate double bottom tanks..
I sailed in one postwar in commercial service - EMPIRE BALTIC.

stan mayes
30th March 2008, 19:51
An error - the collision occurred mid May 1945 - not 46..

30th March 2008, 19:57
Stan I have moved these posts into a separate thread for you.


stan mayes
30th March 2008, 20:04
Thankyou Brian - I thought I had posted it wrongly after sending..