What happened to the snake?

George Bis
1st January 2017, 11:43
While I was on the Naess Sovereign in 1969 a story went round that the Naess Endeavour was anchored in the Persian Gulf.
When time came to make a move the Mate,Chippy and an I.N.C. and I a don't know who else went to the forecastle to pick up the anchor and were horrified to be met by an enormous sea snake emerging from the hause pipe!
Apparently it hissed at them and all left at speed apart from the Chippy and I.N.C. who attacked it with wheel keys!
Does anyone know any more than this? If I remember the story appeared in the"Denholm News" so I am sure this is more than "galley radio"
Happy New Year to all

Michael Taylor
1st January 2017, 13:01
We used to see plenty of sea snakes during my sea going in the Gulf. Not unknown to catch them when fishing over the side...so am sure what you say is true.

1st January 2017, 14:27
Sea Eagles in Malaysia favour catching these highly poisonous beasts. For a bit of vicarious thrill seeking you can sit in your hotel by the beach as they struggle to gain height overhead on their return to Penang Hill with their wriggling prey. Some day one will likely be dropped amongst the semi naked holidaymakers.

William Clark8
2nd January 2017, 14:20
On one Ship I was on the Galley boy made a Fishing
Spear with a Broom Handle and A Fork lashed to it.
He managed to catch a few Gar fish and a couple of Sea
Snakes but asked a local to get rid of snakes. He cost me
a few beers as I said I would give him a Beer for each fish
he caught