President Kasavubu of CMZ

2nd April 2008, 21:06
“Lemschout” is an alias made by contracting the first syllables of the two discoverers of the Cape Horn: LEMaire and SCHOUTen, two personalities which are typical of the seafaring world of all ages. They were thrown in jail for having discovered this new route to reach the Dutch East Indies.

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2nd April 2008, 22:27
Your joining must be the quickest coincidence is some time... I located your personal site when looking on the web for extra details of the President Kasavubu last night, and made a mental note to invite you to join ... you beat me to it.

The link to that wonderful CMZ ship is located here (

3rd April 2008, 09:12
Thanks to all for the welcome and especially to Tonga who awakened a sensible spot in my CV: the "President Kasa Vubu".

The pictures show a poorly maintained ship, and for sure the steel made it difficult to fight corrosion, but I shall propose quite a few better views of that Japanese built vessel once I have found picture insert the system on this forum.

The KasaVubu was built for speed, some 19 knots, more like a war ship than a cargo vessel. The lines were so fine that, with the wind astern, it was still making a few knots one hour after the engines had been stopped.

But a bad consequence was that its stability was very poor, certainly when the central bunker tanks were nearly empty. Once in Yokohama we took a 15 degree list when the tugs were pulling us from the berth. Heard one previous captain saying that a sharp turn in Douala caused a 30 degrees list, and that a sister ship capsized.

With the waves coming from the stern, it was sensible to parametric rolling, a phenomenon only studied since a few years to explain the loss of thousands of boxes from the actual large container vessels. But on the KasaVubu it was easy to correct just by reducing the speed from 19 to some 15 knots.

4th April 2008, 09:36
One pix of the KasaVubu while discharging in Hong Kong in 1976.

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4th April 2008, 11:38
Thanks Lemschout for this picture. - As you have added some interesting comments on this CMZ cargo ship, it seemed useful to try and match your endeavour and copy across some of the more specific postings to this thread, as new thread in the name of that specific ship; as otherwise the comments and images get lost in the general mass of the "hello" postings.

With this in mind I have put the new thread here - the original postings have not been lost and do of course remain where they were.