MV Kowarra, Sunk by I-26

10th April 2008, 16:48
Does anyone have details of the builder, launch date and early career of Kowarra, a Howard Smith Line (Australia) vessel sunk by the Japanese sub I-26 on 24 April 1943? I believe she was built in the UK in 1916, and I'm especially interested in knowing if she was of the "Frederickstad" design.

K urgess
10th April 2008, 17:16
You'll find the details here ( on Miramar, Steve.

10th April 2008, 17:46
Many thanks, sahib!

11th April 2008, 22:03
I have been looking through my collection of Australian Coastal Shipping, and cannot find Kowarra getting a mention as a coastal steamer, and I knew Huddart Parkers' well. Even tough she was lost in WW2 I would have thought that in the pretty comprehensive series of books that I have she would havebeen mentioned. Perhaps she was a 'cinderella' vessel that didn't rate much of a mention.


7th August 2008, 08:09
There is a photo of the SS Kowarra in the National Library of Australia which is managed by the State Library of Victoria in their Picture Australia section.
Just Google search 'Kowarra' and your taken to this site = ASS%252F0%252F0%252F0%252FDOC%252FGR000843.SHTML

Kowarra. Steel steamship, 2125 tons. Built Sunderland 1916. Owned by Australian Steamships Pty. Ltd. Sunk by the Japanese submarine I-26 about 60 km north-east of Sandy Cape, Queensland, 24 April 1943. The eleven survivors from her crew of thirty-two were picked up by an American submarine chaser almost 24 hours after she sank. [LQ],[LAH] per Queensland Wreck sites

sorry i can't help any further my interest is the dead DEMS gunner James F Hair