Atlantic Transport Line

11th April 2008, 10:57
I would very much like to make contact with anyone who has information, family anecdotes, photos of ships, personalities etc, about Atlantic Transport Line, however trivial they may seem. My grandfather served most of his career with ATL.
I strongly recommend J.C. Kinghorn's website "Atlantic Transport Line Website Home Page" to everyone, not just to those interested in ATL. It is a fascinating record of not just one shipping company, but of a glorious era in both British and American maritime history.

11th April 2008, 11:57
Hi Signalman,
Although i dont have any info for you.i would like to thank you for the site which i Googled,it is a facinating site with lots of info.
The search also led me to another site with Passenger lits from various companies.

As i collect all sorts of Bookmarks of Ships and Shipping this all adds to my now quite vast collection,and still growing.
Hope you have many answers from others regarding your post.
Again many thanks