Chief Electrician Matt Rankin, a reliable, honest man.

23rd January 2017, 10:19
Have just been in touch with Brandane of the NZ SSSociety and Mattís name cropped up, which has prompted me to write this very overdue thank you note.
Back in 1964/5/6 Matt and I sailed together in Corinthic. We had spent several months at Wilton Fijenoordís Schiedam yard while the passenger accommodation was removed and the superheater drums were replaced. Towards the end of our stay I was driving my brand new Triumph TR4 back to the ship with Donkeyman Monty as passenger and within the large yard had a head on collision with a Dutchman driving a VW on the wrong (his wrong) side of the road. The Dutchman accepted full responsibility for the considerable damage that resulted, which was repaired by the Triumph importers in nearby Rotterdam.
The arrangement back then was that the owner paid the repairer before the car was released, the owner then claimed the cost of repairs back from the insurers of the party who accepted liability.
When repairs were complete, I collected my TR4 from the Rotterdam importers and persuaded them to accept my UK sterling cheque. I should add here that I had only recently bought the car new and certainly did not have enough cash in my account to cover the cheque, as the repairs came close to being 50% of the purchase price. However, I drove to the VW driverís insurers office in Den Haag, presented the receipt and was paid in Guilders which I handed over to Matt just as he was catching the ferry at Hoek of Holland. He was finally leaving Corinthic to join Southern Cross and I never saw Matt again for about 40 years.
Did Matt exchange my wad of Guilders into £sterling and pay them into my UK bank before my dud cheque was cashed?
Of course he did. Thanks Matt.

Graham Pepper
30th March 2017, 16:18
We had the annual Shaw Savill Society get-together at the De Vere Horwood Estate Hotel in Buckinghamshire over the weekend of 17/19 March. Amongst the 81 gathered was Matt Rankin, still doing well at 95 years old. He has very little sight now but remembers well his seagoing time and friends - and he is still as dapper as he always was.

23rd June 2017, 04:50
I sailed with Matt on the Corinthic 1965/66. Good to hear he is still around.