T.A.M.Searle (chief engineer)

matthew mcgrotty
13th April 2008, 09:46
Hi All,Does anyone remember a chief engineer by the name of T.A.M. Searle,always had a ciggy in his mouth,his hair looked like a pile of waste was laid on top.He was Chief on the Avonbank 68-69.I did not hit it off with him,dont think he liked scots or any J/E.

The Captain
18th April 2008, 22:48
Yes, Matthew, I sailed with Searle; he was C/E on the Ashbank (I think) with me in 1970/'71. I don't think he like many people especially from the deck side. I found him to be a pompous, arrogant, pig of a man but as far as being a good engineer I can't comment. On that trip Parsons was Master, Bennett (from Devon) was Mate, Paul Wilkinson was 3rd Mate and I was 2nd Mate. I'm afraid I can't remember anybody else from that trip but no doubt if someone was to mention some names I may be able to recall them.
John S