Mascarilla club.

14th April 2008, 00:13
I've put one of my "cartoons" (which anyone who sailed with me on "Makrana" will remember I churned-out on a daily basis!) on the "Life on Board" section of the Gallery. Not, I hasten to add, for people to put laudatory comments about it but more for Pete Boggon's delectation/embarrassment!!!! However I can't for the life of me remember where the "Mascarilla" was! Was it in Cal or Colombo? I think it may have been in The Galle Face as the only night-club, of any repute, in Cal was "Scheherazed" in the gardens behind The Grand in Chowringhee. 'elp! Salaams. Phil(Hippy)

Peter Boggon
14th April 2008, 16:13
Great cartoon Phil, must have been one heck of a night- can't remember a thing! Think it must have been the Galle Face though.
However I'm not of an age to be embarrased just the opposite the wife does'nt believe it. Salaams. Peter