A picture of the SS Kmicic

14th April 2008, 14:03
The SS Kmicic was a Polish ship which help evacuate Polish airmen & others from France in June 1940
I am looking for a picture of it. Can anyone help


23rd August 2008, 23:04

I have a framed photo of s.s. Kmicic, taken in Copenhagen immediately after the end of WWII. Most armament stripped already, but the 12-pounder can be seen on the counter stern. Mounting for machine gun atop bosun's cabin still visible, but Oerlikons gone from the bridge.

Were you also aboard her at some point duing the altercation?

The photo is about 14x5".

I could mail you a copy. Address?

Franek, Ottawa, Canada

Steve Woodward
23rd August 2008, 23:29
The site has no problem with this but please for security's sake use Private messages when swopping addresses or email adresses, not the open forum

11th September 2010, 08:35
Hi Franek,
I am finally getting back to writing my father-in-laws memoirs, I am very interested in getting a copy of the picture of the Kmicic, as I haven't found any other pictures of it. But I am supposed to give you my email address via private message, but how do I send you a private message? I cannot see a button to click
Colin - etsah57

12th September 2010, 00:47

When you read this click on Franek's name by his flag that will give you a pop up list. Click on private message. That will send you to the message page and address message for you. You can also click on the private message on the top banner but you will have to address the message yourself.

Best of luck with your project.