Refugee rescue by LIVERPOOL BAY in 1981

30th January 2017, 17:08
Looking for info about the rescue of Vietnamese "boat people" refugees by containership LIVERPOOL BAY in 1981, and contacts with surviving members of the crew concerned.

We have inquiry from one of those refugees, who subsequently settled in Japan and is looking to contact the ship's master, whom he considers responsible for saving his life.

David Asprey

John Rogers
30th January 2017, 17:23
I believe we had a thread about a rescue a few years back, maybe other members can dig it out of our archives.

5th February 2017, 20:52
Thanks John

I found some other threads about Vietnamese boat refugees - including SIBONGA and other Bank Line ships as well as the WELLPARK, but nothing mentioning LIVERPOOL BAY. Also tried various OCL/P&OCL threads without finding anything.

Hopefully someone can offer a clue - a name for the master or someone in the crew? Or suggestions for other places to search.