Patria of 1926

16th April 2008, 09:13
Just curious... does anybody know whatever happened to the old paddlesteamer "Patria" ex Italy.



Bruce Carson
16th April 2008, 12:59
Gordon, this may be the paddler in question:


non descript
17th April 2008, 16:33
The twin steamers "Patria" and "Concordia" were put in service during the twenties by the "Societa' Lariana", the company that at that time ran the navigation service on Lake Como. Built by the firm Odero from Sestri, they were launched in 1926 at the Dervio dockyard with the names "Savoia" and "28 Ottobre" respectively. The hull is made by riveted steel plates. They measure 53,77 m in length, 6,40 m breadth (12.30 including the paddle wheels), 2,60 m height, 1,35 m draft, and, respectively 209,95 t and 286,14 t empty and full load displacement. Originally they could carry 900 people and 10 crews, including two engineers and two firemen.
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