Return of Marco Polo

16th April 2008, 22:22
Does anyone know of the whereabouts of the schooner, "Return of Marco Polo"? She used to operate out of Hull and was owned by a Tvind school, which was a Danish outfit looking after children with emotional and behavioural problems. I sailed on her in 1997 with Alan Gaye as master, Paul Kersey as Mate and myself as second mate. We took part in the tall ships race and won the wooden spoon into Trondheim from Aberdeen after having been becalmed near an oilrig for a day and a half and breaking down when we decided to retire and motor in. When the school closed I understand the ship was returned to Denmark, but I would like to know what has happened to her since.

16th May 2008, 23:43
Hi Dosy,

I was also on that ship for two years and remember those crew. which one are you? personal message me for a chat would be nice to see what others have been up to since those grand old days.

Neil Terry
7th July 2010, 20:40
Hi Dozy, I was also on the Tall Ships Races in 1997 on R.O.M.P. I understand that it has now been scrapped after it sank on its berth near Esbjerg in Denmark. The latest pics I have seen can be found at

What is your real name? I have seen the picture of you on here but I will be honest in that I am struggling to remember you.