Steve New - Hello

Steve New - Historian
5th February 2017, 19:35
Hi, just a note to introduce myself:

Stephen (Steve New), now a maritime historian.

Attended the London Nautical School 1957-1962

Served my deck apprenticeship with Elder Dempster Lines.

Went on to sail with several other British shipowners.

Also worked ashore in various different occupations.

My website is:

Look forward to hearing from members of the 'Golden Age of Shipping'

I am currently involved with Liverpool John Moores University and the development of the Elder Dempster 'Homeward Bound' Project.

jg grant
5th February 2017, 20:02
Hello and welcome from NZ.

Laurie Ridyard
5th February 2017, 21:13
Hi !
As a Deck Apprentice with Hain SS Co. Ltd.; on the S.S. " Treglisson ", I did one trip on charter to Elder Dempster Line, November, 1959 to February, 1960.

S.S. " Treglisson " was the last of Hain's steamships. She was powered by a triple expansion steam engine with an exhaust steam turbine.

She was sold at the end of that voyage.

Laurie Ridyard.

Laurie Ridyard
5th February 2017, 21:16
Here's pic....

5th February 2017, 23:56
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all all this great site has to offer

6th February 2017, 09:45
Greetings Steve and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

8th March 2017, 12:03
Welcome Steve. I have heard of the project re Elder's past and wish it well. I was with ED's Pursers dept 1950 to 1960 with a break to work ashore with Agen cy for 2 tours. Back to the ships my last one was the Owerri then ashore. Somewhere in the archives there must be crew lists. I would love to get copies for the trips I did. The Elder Dempster section in SN is very quiet so perhaps you can post a thread that will get it going. Best wishes Bob Appleton