USS 'Enterprise'

6th February 2017, 17:32
A fine ship that has served it's country well for 55 years, in marked contrast to the Russian carrier that limped back through the Channel recently, returning from the Med and STILL smoking!!

Mad Landsman
6th February 2017, 17:48
Decommissioning the ship is one thing.
Decommissioning the eight reactors will take a little longer.

garry Norton
6th February 2017, 17:48
She handles quite well but her sat nav did not tell her correct position in the Jebel Ali channel

6th February 2017, 18:47

Resists mighty temptation to do a Star Trek joke. [=P]

Sister Eleff
8th February 2017, 10:59
Ah nostalgia! I remember going on board her in 1969 when she called into Singapore.

8th February 2017, 12:14
I watched one of these super carriers in a NATO exercise launching and recovering in the Clyde off Arran as a kid. It went on all day and night. One of the most impressive things I ever recall.

19th September 2017, 01:31
I was on USN destroyers built in WWII in the 60s. Other destroyer sailors told me the Enterprise was hard to stay with in any kind of weather when speedy movement was ordered. Don't know her top speed. Lots of rumors, but think was similar to current carriers.
Interesting, the RN invented almost everything about naval aviation - flying boats, steam catapults, angled decks, even the first flight decks, but just now coming back to large carriers.

13th January 2018, 18:52
Marine Accident Report - Ramming of the Spanish Bulk Carrier ...

Events Preceding the Accident. The Accident. .
Injuries to Persons.
Damage to Vessels.
Making the "pilot" buoy was more "honorable" than safe navigation. Vessel slowed below wind speed and it collided sideways with anchored Urduliz.

13th January 2018, 19:13
Don't know her top speed.

Capital ships at cursing speed - speed will increase over distance - - Speed: 30+ knots - add something like 15 to 25%.

Have three ship discussions opened - starting to lose track of 10-20.
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