RFA Tidespring (2)

9th February 2017, 16:21
Go to U Tube and type in "Tidespring" to see brilliant
video of her on her way to Yokosuka Japan

Mad Landsman
9th February 2017, 19:47
This one:


King Ratt
9th February 2017, 20:44
Watched it George, VMT. I must be getting old, having joined the previous Tidespring at sea by jackstay. That was on her maiden voyage out to the FES.
Happy days.

KR. (Rab T)

10th February 2017, 08:53
Is captain Sean Jones Her C/O?.

10th February 2017, 09:33
Yes Tony. You can tell that by the Devon flag on the stbd yard

13th February 2017, 00:32
Be interesting to see if SRJ comes up with any nice photos on his way. He has been very quiet recently.

the brit
12th March 2017, 16:49
when is she due in the UK i see she's nearing the Panama Canal

16th March 2017, 16:06
She back on AIS in harbour water of Panama Canal. today 16/1500hrs

16th March 2017, 17:41
She was at anchor with the pilot boat alongside minutes ago, pilot boat since moved away.

17th March 2017, 17:22
Tidespring now alongside on a jetty in the Rodman Naval Base to the north of the "Bridge of Americas".

the brit
18th March 2017, 16:22
transiting the canal today http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:3350065/zoom:16

King Ratt
18th March 2017, 16:29
She's in the canal just now according to AIS but the live cameras are down.

18th March 2017, 17:25
Just posted a pic of her in Miraflores lock. About 0930 this morning.

John N MacDonald
31st March 2017, 22:25
Now in Falmouth Bay