Tommy Parkin - Bosun Lobito Palm

21st April 2008, 01:32
I have finally got round to digging out the old Palm Bulletins that I have, so will be posting more stuff soon - at least copies of crew lists that used to be published. Anyway, the attached article about Tommy Parkin was on the back of the Summer 1968 issue, and the picture of Tommy is as we all would remember him.
I certainly have a lot to thank him for. He occasionally kept me on the strait and narrow as an apprentice, prevented me from making a fool of myself on many occasions as a 3/O, and taught me a great deal about the practice of good seamanship. I last saw Tommy in 1971. A wonderful man.

stan mayes
21st April 2008, 11:31
Yes Barry - Tommy was a truly wonderful man.
We were good pals from 1957 when he arrived atTilbury as an AB in Takoradi Palm.
He is sadly missed..

stan mayes
21st April 2008, 11:55
Thankyou for refreshing a Palm Line thread.
Seems a lack of communication between Palm People lately.
Greetings to you all and hoping that you are all enjoying good health.
With best wishes,

Locking Splice
21st April 2008, 14:17
Hi Barry,

Only sailed with Tommy for a short period, but long enough to say he was one of those guys you always remember in life, because he was an Excellent Seaman and a Gentleman.
Hi Stan, hope your keeping well, am still using the Palm Line beer mats, great talking point when the lads come round for a beer. Take care.

Best Regards


21st April 2008, 14:52
I knew tommy very well and was greatly saddened by the news of his death. i have many memories of him especally of the continental turnarounds. matty roberts

stan mayes
21st April 2008, 16:25
Thanks Yuge,
My health is reasonably good.
I'll bet you don't stand Tennants cans on the beer mats - happy days!!
Best wishes ,

21st April 2008, 21:58
I was AB on the Lobito Palm 2 trips 05.08.65--21.01.66. Tommy Parks would have been Bosun.His favourite trick to deter uninvited guests boarding at night was to hang a rope over the side entwined with guess what?