Sherbro at Sapele 2 January 1956 & Jimmy Langton

21st April 2008, 00:54
Digging up some old stuff, I found this generic company postcard of the S class. The really interesting part for me is what is written on the back. At the time I was an 8 year old living in Sapele with my parents, as my father worked in the timber mill there.
I cannot remember Jimmy Langton, who signs himself as 5th engineer, but would love to hear from anyone in Elders who does remember him.
In June of 1956 I was sent back to the UK to be educated, and did not return to Sapele until 1967 when I was a deck cadet on the Lagos Palm.

Peter (Pat) Baker
21st April 2008, 11:55

Do you remember Larry Waring (Wareing) and his wife Doreen who worked at the A.T.& P at Sapele 1955-1960?.
Pat Baker.

22nd April 2008, 00:24
Hi Pat
Both names are familiar to me, but I cannot put a face to them. I seem to recall that during my time in Sapele, I spent the mornings in a room at the European Club with my mother who had set up a school for all the children of the ex pats, and the afternoons in and around the swimming pool. A very privileged life indeed. I also recall that our house was called Gambia House, and was opposite the entrance to the saw mill. We occupied the top flat which gave good views over the yard, and was only a short walk from there to the club.

Peter (Pat) Baker
22nd April 2008, 13:15

Larry was a good looking, well built guy with a thin Errol Flynn type moustache.
Doreen was a very pleasant but rather large lady.
They were passengers with me in the Gambia Palm returning to Sapele after UK leave in 1955.
We remained good friends and I used to visit them in their bungalow each time we arrived in Sapele.
Years later my wife and I were having a drink in the "Acorn" pub in Higher Bebington on the Wirral when, much to my wife's dismay and chagrin I was approached by a very slim and damned attractive lady with the query "don't you remember me from Sapele about 12 years ago?"
It turned out (luckily) to be a very slimmed down Doreen and Larry was on the other side of the room.
They were out in the Far East then, sill working in the timber trade.
We had a riotous reunion that night.
Pat Baker.

25th April 2008, 06:06
I heard a story about a Paddy Henderson's Captain who wrecked the Sapele club and got all ships' staff banned for a long time. He was reputed to wear an elephant's foreskin on his bicep - strong ju-ju. I know the name of this person. I love this story so hope nobody is going to tell me it's not true.

John T.