Hello All

14th February 2017, 11:05
Was with Marconi/ITT Marine from 1974 to 1971 on:
Mytilus: Shell VLCC
Al Shamiah : Kuwait Shipping Company General Cargo.
William Wheelwright: PSN Tanker
Clark Eden: Denholms ore carrier
Langstone: Shaw Saville/Furness Withy freezer
Amongst a couple of others.

Joined North Sea oil industry in 1974 on McDermotts Laybarge 28. as well as time on Chocktaw construction barge, then Oil rigs BlueWater III, Chris Chenery, and joined Kingsnoth Marine Drilling in 1976 on Kingsnorth UK, as well as time on Dundee Kingsnorth, Oregis, Orelia, Uncle John, Shelf Driller, Bay DRiller and Morecambe Flame. Left Houlders (Kingsnorth Marine) in 1986 working in various places (Piper Alpha, Claymore, Brae, Beryl, Murchison) until 2003 when I joined Douglas in Liverpool Bay, discovering it was the old Morecambe Flame. Still on Douglas....

14th February 2017, 22:40
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all all this great site has to offer

15th February 2017, 09:56

On behalf of the Moderating team welcome to SN. Come along to the Radio Room maybe some old friends there.


16th February 2017, 11:27
Greeting Corrm9 and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.