Portland,Filming on Location

24th April 2008, 22:43
The 'Timor Challenger'(Ex Viking Challenger),has arrived at Portland.She has recently been converted for her new role in a new film 'The Boat that Rocked
Her Hull is now Red,with the words 'Radio Rock',above wheelhouse & on Both her Keel sides.She also sports a Radio Mast,Both Bow & Stern.She arrived at Portland from Hythe,where she may have received some work?.
Timor Challenger,will be used for Filming throughout may-june.The Film,revolves around a Pirate Radio Ship during the 1960s Music revolution.
A former Helicopter Hanger at Osprey Quay(previously RNAS Portland),is currently being fitted out for some Interior scenes.Once Filming begins in May,I will add more information for anyone interested.....

27th April 2008, 20:02
Yes, TIMOR CHALLENGER had the work carried out in Hythe and understand she will return to Hythe after filming in Portland

2nd May 2008, 00:06
Thanks for confirming that Tynesider....
This week on 29-4-08,preperations are now underway for commencement of Filming.Timor Challenger has now moved alongside a Flat Barge,Mediterrainean moored at the end of Queens pier.She has been loading stores,cables,Film & camera equipment etc.

3rd May 2008, 19:18
I posted a pic of her in the gallery under Special ships with the title "Timor Challenger" Enjoy!