rms ruhrort

david smith
4th June 2005, 13:50
Picture of the modern coaster RMS Ruhrort passing Baarlo/Steyl on the Maas south of Venlo in the direction of Roermond on 24th May 2005.

5th June 2005, 00:29
Forgive my ignorance David, I thought RMS stood for royal mail ship but this looks more like what I would call a bulk carrier can you enlighten me please?

david smith
5th June 2005, 09:12
RMS also stands for Rhine Maas Sea Line and is a major player in short sea trades around europe.

Bob S
5th June 2005, 12:37
RMS is part of her name rather than a title.

6th June 2005, 00:10
Thanks gents I think that's what probably threw me and you are probably saying that she is the ss (or mv) RMS Ruhrort would that be right?

6th June 2005, 06:19
Having just read this thread, I was browsing in a bookshop today and found a book on shipwrecks round the British Isles. By coicidence, I found an article about RMS Mulheim going aground at Sennen Cove, Landsend, on 22nd March 2003, while en route from Cork to Luebeck with a cargo of plastic scrap. Apparently the mate on watch tripped when getting out of his chair and knocked himself out - so much for single handed watches! Fortunately, all crew were rescued. Lots of pictures available in Google.

John T.

Jan Hendrik
12th June 2005, 13:46
David, is this vessel also crossing the North Sea? It looks like a typical inland waterway ship.

The vessel , on this picture, passes the river Maas (Meuse) in the Southern province of Limburg which is 200 km. from the sea.

Steve Gray
5th July 2005, 23:02

There is a photo in my gallery (too big to post here) of her sailing from Sunderland with a deck cargo of Leibherr crane parts, she is a regular visitor to NE ports.