Eugenio Costa

6th April 2004, 18:09
The Italian steam turbine powered EUGENIO COSTA, flagship of Costa Line, is an unusual and stylish cruise ship. Built at Monfalcone and completed in 1966 the twin funnelled liner, originally named EUGENIO C., was powered by De Laval geared turbines and measured 32,753 grt.15,851 nrt. She carried up to 1158 passengers and had 422 cabins.

S. Toth
11th March 2010, 23:39
ahh, Ive looked through almost every page of the passenger liner forum looking for her. She has to be my favorite ship, and in my opinion one of the most beautiful ever to grace the waters. Seeing pictures of what she looked liked at the end was enough to make my eyes water with disgust.

S. Toth
11th March 2010, 23:42
please people post some pics if you find any rare ones, included pictures are her as the Eugenio Costa,
and as the big red boat II during her final voyage to the death beach of Alang.