24th February 2017, 21:27
Hi, just joined NS.

joined Bank line in 1966 as a junior apprentice on the ERNEBANK, was on that ship for 16 months, (after leaving the Graham Sea Training School , Scarborough)....very steep learning curve !!! (master Archibold Williamson)... then FOYLEBANK, SPRUCEBANK and finally got transferred down to Melbourne from Rabaul (copra run )to the FORRESBANK as acting 3rd Mate for voyage home. ( master Kiff ) what a gentleman and utterly nice guy.

I am now 66 yrs old, and a happily married family man, retired, living in Whitby North Yorkshire, near where i was brought up.
I took my 2nd Mates ticket at the Boulevard Nautical College in Hull, but failed to obtain it due studying the wrong things !!!!
However, all has been good, as i have had a varied working life since leaving Bank Line,the first 10yrs driving heavy plant, the last 25 yrs as a Water Treatment Engineer supplying drinking water to the community.
Still fascinated with ships and such, especially the advancement in technoligy since i had my brief spell in Merchant Navy.
Just been looking at the pics of the ships i sailed on. on this wesite, Oh how the memories come flooding back.

look forward to adding some more bits to the forum


25th February 2017, 00:51
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all all this great site has to offer

25th February 2017, 13:10

On behalf of the Moderating team welcome to SN. Enjoy all we have to offer.


26th February 2017, 15:22
Greetings Goodalli and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

dave beaumont
1st March 2017, 00:00
goodalli, go to youtube and type in minchbank some good old footage on there of a voyage on her in 1971.