New Member From Trinidad W.i.

6th June 2005, 22:41
Hello All,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dawayne Belcon, I am a General Shipping Agent, Immigration Consultant and Customs Broker from Trinidad W.I. This is my first time to the site and I would be more than happy to chat with anyone who may need any information or assistance with maritime matters in Trinidad W.I. Hope to hear from you'll soon.


6th June 2005, 22:50
Thank you Ron. I hope I can be of help to others also.

6th June 2005, 23:04
Welcome Dawayne.
What part of the island you from/work at? Port of Spain? Or down beside Point a Pierre and Point Fortin?

6th June 2005, 23:11

My office is located at Chaguaramas but I also work from Port of Spain. You seems to know the island, that's great.


6th June 2005, 23:19
Spent 3 months running out of the gas jetty at Point Fortin in Summer 2003. Interesting wee place, with the tar lake, with the occasional trip for shopping and night life to the delights of San Fernando.
Great weather, great people, and nice Rum and beer!

peter lewis
7th June 2005, 00:18
welcome to the site from wales spent many hours drinking carib and dark rum also lucky enough to be there for two carnivals great island great people

7th June 2005, 00:38
The Trinidad carnivals (and indeed the ones at Tobago) are fantastic, and something to remember.
I also remember drinking copious amounts of Carib and Stag beer, happy days!

Doug Rogers
7th June 2005, 04:29
Welcome Dawayne, hope you enjoy the site and any queries you may have please ask.

julian anstis
7th June 2005, 09:18
Welcome aboard there Dawayne,

Hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to seeing some of your photos......."nice sunny ones"!.......seem's to have gone missing up here.

Steve is scratching his head now looking for a Trinadad flag........


7th June 2005, 14:35
Welcome from Italy ,i hope to see some of your pics into the site!!!

7th June 2005, 16:46
Hi Dawayne,

Were you around when Scottish Ship Management's "Cape Race" and "Baron Belhaven" were on the bauxite run between Georgetown,Guyana, and Chaguaramus and thence to Port Alfred, Canada? I mistakenly believed that Chaguaramus was a nickname and thought "that's the port for me", but never did get there.

Trinidad was always a place I dreamed of visiting, but the nearest I got was anchoring off Port of Spain for eight days on a conked out supertanker (LOF's "Overseas Argonaut"). We were so close, you could hear the gonnococci clapping their hands but there were no launches provided. When the 3rd Engineer broke his finger and had to go ashore I offered to go with him for moral support. The Captain gave me a cool, calculating look and said: "Nice try Sparks, **** off".

Maybe one day....

Welcome to the site, John T.

7th June 2005, 20:38
Jim, the night life & shopping is even better now.

7th June 2005, 20:41
Anyone visiting Trinidad, feel free to contact me at (868) 684 8614, for any assistance. I must say that you'll are a bunch of friendly people, reminds me alot about my organisation, the lodge / compass & square. Are there any members out there?


7th June 2005, 21:01
Hey, Peter Lewis, very popular name in Trinidad. There is a local calypso artiste with the same name.

7th June 2005, 21:02
Jim, maybe I can mail some carig and stag for you.


7th June 2005, 21:05
John T,

I am in my mid 30's I don,t know those vessels but the bauxite port, Tembladora, is still operating. Alot of vessels still call there on a weekly basis. Maybe one day you will visit.


8th June 2005, 05:37
Welcome to the gang!


Justin merrigan

Jan Hendrik
8th June 2005, 10:16
Dawayne, welcome to the site. Hope you will enjoy it.
Port of Spain brings back memories when I lived in the Caribbean late 70's.
Had to visit Texaco Refinery few times to do inspections on board ships.

Once saw 300 steel band musicians in a big tent - or market place and you could not stand still with such vibrant music.
Great stuff, best steelbands in the world they say. Surely you won't dispute this....

8th June 2005, 17:20

I am the founder of Mercadoria Worldwide Ltd. Very hectic job.


21st February 2006, 12:51
Cape Race and Baron Belhaven changed their names and colours in 1986 and ran to Chaguaramus as The "Northern Pioneer" and "Northern Explorer" sporting the colours of Alcan - Orange hulls, blue funnels with alcan logo.

I was third mate on Northern Explorer in 1986 when she made one call at Chaguaramus for Bauxite before switching to alumina until I left Jan 1987.

John Cassels
21st February 2006, 12:59
Anyone visiting Trinidad, feel free to contact me at (868) 684 8614, for any assistance. I must say that you'll are a bunch of friendly people, reminds me alot about my organisation, the lodge / compass & square. Are there any members out there?


Welcome to the site,

Which organisation are you refering too. (hope it's not the one
I'm thinking about).


22nd February 2006, 07:36
Could be a goat rider. (Read)

jim barnes
22nd February 2006, 10:30
Belcon71 welcome to the site,make yourself at home man, plenty of banter and laughter here,LOL (Hippy)

22nd February 2006, 12:02
Welcome belcon71 to the site enjoy it.