Looking for details of father's ships

7th March 2017, 17:49
Hi, my father was from Larvik in Norway, he was with the Norse Marine from 1940 to 1946. I have the details of the ships that he served on during this period. He reached the rank of SSH (can anyone tell me what this stands for)

I am trying to find out which ships he served on from 1946 until he allegedly 'jumped' ship in Australia in 1962.

His name is John Fredrik Myhre dob 31/8/1922. Sadly he died in Fremantle Perth in 1984. I would also be grateful if anyone had any information about him fro 1962 until he died in a seaman's mission in March 1984 aged 65yrs.

8th March 2017, 11:18
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9th March 2017, 05:08
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