Independence of the Seas visit to Cobh

3rd May 2008, 18:18
The Independence of the Seas made her first visit to Cobh today. Here are a couple of videos.


4th May 2008, 20:09
All being well I will be there aboard her on 18th May.


samuel j
4th May 2008, 21:29
Place was thronged again.
Was out myself on Samuel J along with small flotilla when she sailed. great sight. My young lad took loads of video and stills, so once he organises this will post.

You'll have a mighty time David..... can't wait to see you on the climbing wall aft of funnel....... [=P]

4th May 2008, 21:51
I will want to climb up the bloody thing John if we lose the FA Cup Final having gone to all this trouble watching it AND going on this cruise?!.