Uploading Photos

Matt Jordan
13th May 2008, 17:44
I have tried to upload photos, however although i recieve a message telling me everything went ok, 24 hours later my photos still fail to appear in the gallery. What am i doing wrong?

Gavin Gait
13th May 2008, 19:41
Hello Matt, The problem is that the photos you are trying to upload will be too big for the site. The software is set for a maximum of 900 pixels wide and 800 pixels high in jpeg or jpg format. If you try to upload anything bigger than that the software tries to resize the photo down to the site maximum and always runs out of the allocated time sending you a message saying its been successful but in reality its lost the file completely.

Resize your images down to no more than 1024x800 and they will upload without any problems

Matt Jordan
14th May 2008, 20:49
(Thumb) (Thumb) Davie
Many thanks for your advice, everything now works after reducing the file size and the photos now in the gallery.