6th April 2004, 19:10
A superb view of Ellerman's cargo liner CASTILIAN (1955/3,803 grt).

14th September 2005, 10:37
Always liked the look of them, think they were called the Liverpool to Lisbon Subs, worked by on a few of them, served on the Algerian, and Corinthian. Cheers Bob

22nd September 2005, 20:57
I served on the Castilian from 21st Sep 1957 - 19th Nov 1957 as Asst. Steward.

23rd September 2005, 10:02
Yes she had 3 sisters Wm Gray /central marine built 1955:ALMERIAN -ANATOLIAN and LANCASTRIAN.

24th November 2005, 19:28
Was on the Anatolian in 67, were diverted due to a Dockers strike in Liverpool, to Toronto. Not a nice place for a "market boat" in December. Never mind made it home on Xmas eve!!

25th November 2005, 08:58
Hello All, I have read with interest the messages in this thread,the ships which were described as "Lisbon Subs" were in the 1500 gross ton range -give or take a ton here and there, Motor driven with twin screws capable of 12 knots they plied the Lisbon- Oporto trade "Darinian" (48) "Mercian" (48) and "Palmelian" (48) engine was amidships,all were 273 feet long, however the food was very good the deck crowd was very few as we worked 4 on 4 off and then they wanted you to work your watch below as overtime!!--I couldnt stand the pace and got out quick after one trip.
Cheers Peter (Thumb)