ulead photo express problems

16th May 2008, 21:20
ok folks

i hope someone can help me with this little problem
i just brought a [email protected] 4800TA pro 11 scanner (what a mouthfull)
it came with the boards to help scan negatives and slides.

the problem i have is the ulead software
it came wiith ulead photo express 5 se and i seem to install it ok but i cant get it to run.

there a dll file gone wrong or something like that.

i did have express 3 se loaded before which had worked fine but i deleted it to load this new one but it locks itself out with an apology

so can anyone give me an idea or website where i can go for a fix

many thanks in advance


16th May 2008, 21:31
It is entirely up to you, but I found the Ulead software to be totally useless for serious work, it took over the whole computer and messed it up, everything became slow; and so I uninstalled, and I had to delete any number of odd files left over, as well as going through the whole Registry to erase those left behind (all rather like the damage caused by Norton firewall); If I were you I would get rid of it and get a better piece of software. If there is a dll file missing, it can be found for free on all manner of websites, just make a note of the filename and pop the name into google along with the word download. Then save it in the appropriate folder with all the other dll files. Best of Luck, Raymond

17th May 2008, 22:14
Many thanks for that advice raymond
the software came bundled with the scanner and it seemed odd that an earlier version (3 se) worked ok but this didnt.
i will delete it and try and find something else to use.
but as there are soo many differnt ones around i will have to start looking at the reviews

I want to be able to scan my slides and hopefully they will be good enough to place in the gallery.

thanks again for you help


17th May 2008, 23:52
I suggest a good one is Paint Shop Pro 7 Anniversary edition; Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 is worth a try - it is available as a download for free.
All of these graphics packages have their advantages and disadvantages ... for example, there are things that PSP 3 (one of the very first) can do that I have not been able to do in all of the fancy new packages. So I keep that as well, I have had it since 1996 !! Happy Hunting, Raymond