Uffington Court

19th May 2008, 15:39
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Peter Jenner
2nd January 2009, 17:24
I believe my Dad was on that ship from 18/10/1944 to 25/02/1945

2nd January 2009, 18:40
I believe my Dad was on that ship from 18/10/1944 to 25/02/1945

Hi Peter,

I would be interested to hear any information or photos you might have from your Dad and I can add them to the site. You can contact me by PM if you wish.

Peter Jenner
16th January 2009, 13:29
Hi Brian,

Sorry it's taken so long to reply.
My Dad has recently joined the site and has become a prolific poster of sea stories - mainly in the Tramp Ship section. His name is Arthur Jenner. I believe he is going to post some old photos soon.



16th January 2009, 14:40
Greetings Peter and a warm welcome to SN. Your dad's thread's are an absolute pleasure to read and I for one look forward to them. I trust that you will enjoy this site as much as we do. Most of us left the sea years ago but our minds are still there. Bon voyage

Keith Adams
17th January 2009, 03:40
Hi Guys, Have been away a long time and still busy - took a peek today and saw this post - i posted a really good photo of the "Uffington Court" quite a while back - if not locate under vesel name, you will find it in my profile - my brother, Brian Adams was either a J.O.S. or S.O.S. on her, Birkenhead to Narvik for a couple of trips in 1949 or 1950 - the photo was taken then. Regards, Keith.