13th June 2005, 11:06
Hi my name is Mark and I am 43 and also physically disabled and partially sighted use a wheelchair.
I became interested in ships when I visited the Isle of Wight for the first time and sailed on Red Funnel.
Ferries became my big interest and have followed the goings on of the Portsmouth to Fisbourne route for at least the last 35 years.
The hobbie has also sort of expanded into the EU market and beyond
My parents now live on the Island so I get a good chance of seeing he ships and the sea.

13th June 2005, 11:09
Welcome aboard, Cademon. There should be lots here to interest you for hours on end. Enjoy the site and look forward to your contributions.

13th June 2005, 11:36
Welcome from me also.Used to visit the Isle of Wight on a regular basis on Red Funnel when on trips to Southampton.Hope to see you around a lot on site.

iain mac
13th June 2005, 11:40
my name is iain Iwas in the british merchant navy for 30 years.I sailed mostly as
bosun(21 years) unfortunately I lost my leg in a mooring accident and am consequently now retired.

julian anstis
13th June 2005, 11:40
Hi Mark,

Welcome aboard our little site, hope you find it interesting.....you can be our new ferries consultant.....lol. If you have any prob's navigating the site just shout......we have plenty of help on here. Allthough your probably more interested in watching the real thing go by your window. Enjoy......


julian anstis
13th June 2005, 11:53
And welcome aboard to you also Iain,

Nice to see you joining up with us..........enjoy our site and we hope to hear some of your tales of the ships you sailed on....and some photo's ......yes please. Just shout for help, plenty around.......not at smoko time though.


13th June 2005, 17:21
Welcome to SN

13th June 2005, 20:56
Welcome Mark & Iain,

As you have probably gathered by now they are a great bunch of people on this Forum. All I can say is enjoy and join in the fun.

Chris. (Thumb)

Doug Rogers
14th June 2005, 05:54
Welcome aboard and hope that you enjoy the site. Where abouts are your parents settled on the Island??