Sailor Watch-keeper receiver wanted

Jan the lightship man
27th May 2008, 14:27
Hi all!!

In my quest to restore the radio room on our lightship I am looking for a Sailor Watch-keeper receiver (was it type 501?)

Does anybody knows one for sale please?

Many thanks!

Jan (Thumb)

27th May 2008, 15:35
Was It a 2182 or a 500 kc/s Receiver? I was at a Ham ''Bring & Buy Sale'' some time ago and there were a lot of Sailor Radio Room Rcvrs and other bits,
Is this make a Tubes only type ?

Jan the lightship man
27th May 2008, 19:11
Hi Antinai

It was a 2182 receiver, no valves.
I have attached a picture of the one I am looking for, hope that helps!

Best regards

18th July 2008, 00:46
I have bought Salior equipment from shipbreaker Fornaes in Denmark
Have been there and they have lots of it..

18th July 2008, 00:46
heres the link

Jan the lightship man
5th August 2008, 08:55
Hi Sven-Olof

Thanks for that tip! I have contacted them and indeed, they have plenty of them. Ordered one earlier this week.

Best regards
Jan ;-)