Seeking photo of MSC SIMONA 1986

27th April 2017, 10:50
I am hoping to find a photo and perhaps information on a vessel called SIMONA that sailed the Durban to Felixstowe route in 1986.

The reason is that I own a vintage MG sports car that was carried on this route by this ship with two other vintage cars, loaded into 1 x 40 foot container and 1 x 20 foot container. The Mediterranean Shipping Line bill of lading was dated 12 July 1986.

I am compiling the history of the car and this photo/info would be a great addition.

I wonder if anyone can help with this quest or suggest who else I might approach?

Many thanks.

27th April 2017, 16:04
SIMONA I converted bulk carier SIMONETTA bt.1963.Sold to MSC1981 b/u 1986

28th April 2017, 11:27
Thank you very much for your prompt and most helpful reply. Using that information I was able to dig a bit deeper and it would appear that my car must have been on one of the Simona 1's last freight voyages in 1986 before being broken up at Chittagong later that same year. What a ghastly place for a ship to end its days!