Just an "Hello"

6th May 2017, 13:00
"HELLO" to the forum which I have just joint. I'm a German living close to the city of Hamburg. In 1960 I have started my sea career as 'Junior Engineer' promoting through the ranks to ChEng on German vessels as Bulkers, Tankers, General Cargo, worldwide tramp. In '73 I quit sea because of my family, now employed by a big yard in Hamburg-HDW- as Project Manager, Ship Repairs. In '83 I left the yard to become an Underwriters' Surveyor, employed. In 1991, I decided to earn my money on my own, now self-employed as Freelancer. I'm 'Publicly appointed and sworn in by The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce', engaged by all sorts of clients, as Owners, Underwriters, Mortgage Banks, Investors, Brokers, but also as technical Expert for German Courts. As I'm now 75 years old, my professional activities are rather limited to a very few surveys a year only, and I enjoy to stay with my family so with my friends. I'm quite positive to find 'my' old vessels in the gallery, and possibly a chance to communicate with previous crew members.

6th May 2017, 17:29
GA Gunter and welcome.

6th May 2017, 19:42
Hi Hunter. I came to know the city of Hamburg and Altona in particular very well in the late 60s and early 70s. Both hold very happy memories for me.

6th May 2017, 20:54
Hi Barry, Hamburg and suburban Altona somewhat different to the '60/'70th, but still worth a visit

7th May 2017, 07:51
Hi Gunter , welcome to S N . You will find lots of information here . I sailed into Hamburg many times and have a lot of happy memories from the 1950/60s . I can imagine that there have been changes . Enjoy the site .
Alex C .

jg grant
7th May 2017, 12:29
Hello Gunter from NZ and welcome.

Frank P
7th May 2017, 17:06
Welcome onboard Gunter, enjoy the site...

Mfg Frank

8th May 2017, 10:09
Welcome from Australia, Gunther, you'll enjoy this great site!