Roxburgh Castle

Pat McCardle
15th June 2005, 13:54
Anyone got a photo of Union Castle Liner Roxburgh Castle I would be able to copy? It was a friends 1st ship in 1965 & the only photo that is missing from all the ships he served on. Ta!!

15th June 2005, 22:58

There is a photo of the Roxburgh Castle at the following web site :-

Hope it helps.


16th June 2005, 01:43
I got one in color if you'd like it.

Pat McCardle
16th June 2005, 13:12
I got one in color if you'd like it.

OK Bo's that will do nicely Ta!! Pat (Thumb)

Pat McCardle
18th June 2005, 18:41
I got one in color if you'd like it.

Yes please. [email protected]

26th February 2008, 23:01
I am looking for a picture of the Roxburgh Castle 1, built in 1837. Can anyone advise where this might be found? Thanks

Chris Isaac
27th April 2019, 20:28
That is a picture of Riebeeck Castle

Old Se Dog
27th April 2019, 21:49
two images attached

Pat McCardle
28th April 2019, 00:22
Alas, too late as my ol'mate 'Crossed the Bar' last year