6th June 2008, 21:52
Have any other retired seafarers joined one of the many Coastal Surveilliance Stations that are now run by volunteers. They were set up in the 90s when the Government closed most of the Coastguard Stations.
Among the members of my station is a retired Cunard Chippy, Blue Funnel Mate, P&O Electrician, RN signalman, and our oldest member was a Navigator on a mine laying E Boat (who never went home after the war).
I find my hours keeping watch to be enjoyable and rewarding, as well as knowing that I might be in a position to save someone's life.
The web address of my station which is always looking for volunteers is:

8th June 2008, 13:00
Great idea Anubis. We had great coast watch cover along our stretch of coasting with an active LSA. The latter is gone along with our 'Lookout' long gone into the sea and a Coastguard Station on the same stretch of coast now also gone. Although we still have a lighthouse, but automated now as are all others. Would be great to set it all up again. Cruise ships can be easily seen from these locations.


10th June 2008, 22:43
Just for information. NCI is just about to finish a new coast watch obs post in an old searchlight/watchtower at Shoreham Harbour.

If they work their way down the coast, you may be in luck. (Thumb)