Hello from me a new member

Ben Lucas
15th June 2005, 19:27
Hi all new today having found site in Ships monthly, never was a a mariner although did have an iterview with the Shaw Saville line in 1959, but due to family ills never went. Am now a regular cruiser with my wife having started in 1997 on Canberra, sailing the world see and photgraph all sorts of shipping.

15th June 2005, 20:15
Welcome Ben, look forward to some cruising stories !

15th June 2005, 21:39
Great to have you Ben. It does not matter if you were not a sailor by profession. You are now and obviously like the sea & ships. You are very welcome.


Doug Rogers
16th June 2005, 07:28
Welcome aboard and enjoy the site. Any questions..just ask

16th June 2005, 09:59
Welcome aboard, Ben. I'm sure you'll find plenty to interest you here. We look forward to your contributions.

julian anstis
16th June 2005, 12:47
Welcome aboard Ben,

Hope you enjoy our site and it gives you an insight to what might have been........if we can help you in any way just shout....plenty of help around.


Ben Lucas
16th June 2005, 18:39
Thanks to you all for your kind welcome messages.Although I obviously like cruise ships, some more than others, what I find fascinating is when we are in a large working port and watching all the activity at close quarters.