TEU Capacity list

9th June 2008, 12:13
Hi There ...

Is anybody aware of a listing of container vessels, both in service and those already gone, that gives their TEU capacity ?



non descript
9th June 2008, 13:35
Andy, If you are keen to spend the money and wish to see the Market Commentary and Statistical Tables from the 2007 Cellular Containership Register. Including analysis of 9,357 ships and another 2,065 newbuildings on order. 13 tables showing historical fleet development as well as the current fleet and orderbook by age, shipbuilder, ownership and flag; then a quick visit to this one here (http://www.crsl.com/acatalog/Container_Register_Front_Section_2007.html) may help. I hasten to add that I have not tried it, nor am I connected to that company in any way.

9th June 2008, 13:54
Hi Andy, here's a web site that lists containerships and TEU's:
For English, click on the British flag at the left...

9th June 2008, 15:16
Hi Guys ...

Thanks for these suggestions, but I am really looking for 'historic' ships, rather than current tonnage, as the vast majority of my pics were taken more than 30 years ago !

I have bookmarked the Dutch site for later though, that looks interesting.

Thanks again ....


PS The Clarkson's book looks interesting Tonga, but I can't afford a 2nd mortgage !