Facebook; Bluies, EDL and now Palm Line Limited, United Africa Co.

Howard S
26th May 2017, 05:20
Many of you will be aware of the two excellent Facebook pages "Blue Funnel for Old Timers" and "Elder Dempster Lines of Liverpool". There is also another for Ocean Transport and Trading.

Amazing how our lives have changed and Facebook has become a huge part of our social media lives.

To cut a long story short; I started my seagoing life in Bluies/EDL and then moved on to Palm Line and UASC. (1970-1984)

Finally we have a Palm Line page! It is called "Palm Line Limited, United Africa Co." If you sailed with Palm or have connections we would love you to join.

Best wishes,
Howard Spittle
(very retired Purser Catering Officer!)
Or as we say say in Jamaica - It's all good!