Steer and Webb family

3rd June 2017, 13:51
I would just like to say hello to one and all. Hope you are all having a great weekend. I have an interest in family history and I am very proud that I am a descendent from a rich fishing heritage, not rich in the monetary sense, but in the fishing community. My great great grandfather William Steer came from Devon, he was a mariner and moved to Hull initially then moved to Grimsby which is my home town. My grandmother was Ada Steer and her brother Harry died at sea on the trawler Orcales on 14/4/1916. Ada married Harold Webb from Hull, also a fisherman, who worked on minesweepers during WW1. His father Thomas Webb was a skipper and he drowned in 1908 on the trawler Helcia. If anyone has any further information or pictures of the trawlers I would appreciate any news. Viv x