9th June 2017, 11:35
Have just found this site, goodness knows why it took so long!
Ref. the thread back in June 2013 re BP ships in the Falklands, yes I was there on the 'Trent' and came back with 101 extra on board, various service personnel and the survivors of 'Sir Tristram'
I am still around after finishing with BP in mid 1987, enjoying a fairly quiet retirement
Peter Waller

Graham Wallace
9th June 2017, 17:42
Hi Peter,

Welcome to Shipsnostalgia, I have sent you an email.

Graham Wallace

9th June 2017, 17:51
Are you the Peter Waller from along Worthing way?

10th June 2017, 12:31
Tks. for the frighteningly old pics. Many years and many changes since those two they were taken.
Yes I am the Peter Waller from Worthing, living down here since marriage in 1963

10th June 2017, 14:28
You may or may not remember these, oh the joys of Kassab Bay, when you went off to visit one of the SOAF Bravo boats and ended up going on a raid with them.

On the helicopter flight I believe there was you, me, Sparks, and the 3rd. mate, had we gone down it would certainly have taken some explaining.

On the bridge wing is Paddy John gesticulating in the hope we can persuade one of the coasters to come alongside.