19th June 2008, 17:32
I am looking for the old office address of NZSC from 1963 to 1968 for pension documents.

Also need Container Fleets Office Address from 1968 to 1971


23rd June 2008, 10:47
Finally found the NZS Address

138 Leadenhall Street

The Container Fleets address I think was on Creechurch Lane and later in a modern building further East.

That piece of the transition from conventional shipping to containerisation seems to have dissapeared in History as the web surch engines seem to be unable to find even it's existance

alex page
29th June 2008, 22:22
the new building was "Beaufort House" and I think it was Aldgate East .

Roger Jordan
30th June 2008, 08:15
Hello Ian
According to both Lloyd's Register and Directory of Shipowners, Shipbuilders and Marine Engineers, for the last years of the periods in which you are interested, the addresses are as follows:

New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd (1968)
Beaufort House
Gravel Lane
London E1

Container Fleets Ltd (1971)
Navigation House
1 Aldgate
London EC3