Edinburgh Talla

Graham Spencer
20th June 2008, 16:10
Sailed on her up the Gulf during the Iran/ Iraq war, part of Edinburgh Tankers (David Thomson I think?) . Notice however she does not appear on any ship lists for Ben Line?
We were escorted out of the Gulf by HMS Edinburgh as I remember.
Wondering if anyone can recall what happened to her etc
I also sailed on the Box Boats, Arty, Hope, Albanach & Grey Hunter.

ian d.cameron
20th June 2008, 19:27
Here you go Graham

20th June 2008, 20:32
While looking for something last night i found some old copies of Ben Bulletin most of them after I had left the company. In the December 1987 edition there is a picture of Edinburgh Talla on the front page with HMS Edinburgh. There is also a picture of her funnel and a description of her being handed over in Pireas on page 7 and a crew list which shows : Master - T Fyfe :Ch Off - PC Thomson: 2 Mate - C Tomlinson: 3 Mate - G W Blakey: R/O - P Body:
C/E - M Cowie: 2/E - A Ingram: 3/E - J McAteer: 4/E G M Spencer:Ch Elect - C R Chapman

20th June 2008, 20:58
the crew list for talla had a I.ingram as 2nd E. is this the "infamous" doc ingram who many of us had the pleasure of sailing with a well revered profession 3rd when we knew him

21st June 2008, 00:11
Not sure but suspect it might be.

Graham Spencer
23rd June 2008, 11:24
Thanks for the info Guys, it was indeed "THE" Alec Ingram I seem to remember he had previous tanker experience hence why he was 2nd. We also spent a few months in Dry Dock in LIsbon replacing the deck & boiler tubes. On joining we were all given a Swedish/ English, English/ Swedish dictionary as everything was in Swedish. The spares were classified as "Used but Good"